Automation Precision Technology

APT, LLC Leadership

Mr. Anthony Reid, Founder and CEO/President of APT, LLC

Mr. Reid founded Automation Precision Technology, LLC (APT, LLC) in 1986 with a vision of providing quality products and professional services in IT, logistical support, and training to military and commercial customers worldwide. In selecting APT, LLC as the National 8a Graduate in 2003, the Director of the Small Business Administration recognized Mr. Reid for his visionary employee relations and hands-on leadership that have guided APT, LLC to continued growth each year.

Mr. Reid is very proud of the APT, LLC team because each day brings many challenges that afford employees opportunities to make contributions to the overall success of the company. APT, LLC management knows that value is generated from all levels because a company is only as good as its employees. At APT, LLC we are looking for people who want to create, to produce, and who are committed to turning their thoughts into actions that improve economic well-being.

Mr. Reid is married and has two sons.