Automation Precision Technology

International & Commercial Markets

"We help our commercial and international customers achieve more quality, products and services for less cost."

As a service provider with more than 28 years of experience, we focus on providing integrated workforce solutions to solve problems related to logistics integration and supply chain management. Our solutions reduce costs, improve productivity and empower our customers. As an experienced and proven systems integrator for the U.S. Government, we will leverage our expertise and experience to achieve outstanding results. Our integrated workforce solutions offer businesses and organizations a chance to increase their bottom-line allowing APT, LLC to be a powerful force multiplier. Our capabilities and services include:

      • Inbound & Outbound Logistics
      • Distribution Management
      • Inventory Management
      • Warehouse Management
      • Material Management
      • Facilities Management
      • Logistics Storage
      • Logistics Integration
      • Logistics Automation and Simulation