Automation Precision Technology

Logistics Integration

"We are supply chain logisticians"

We provide best value products and services. As a provider of products, we help customers to optimize their effectiveness and efficiency. Department of Defense - Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) is a web based online ordering platform which enables APT, LLC to move its marketable goods into a global environment. As a prime contractor for the DOD EMALL, we provide customers access to more than 65 million items. Whether we are managing a Contractor Operated Parts Store (COPARS) as a prime contractor, delivering logistical support, or optimizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the DOD Supply Chain, we deliver continued quality performance, agility, innovation and technical proficiency, at a competitive price with minimal risk.

Our capabilities include:

      • Supply Chain Management
      • Facilities Services/Operations
      • Contractor Operated Parts Store (COPARS)
      • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance
      • Transportation Services
      • Warehouse Operations/Services
      • Weapons Systems Maintenance and Small Arms Repair